Blooming Gorgeous Trends for 2014 Wedding Flowers

Imagine a wedding without flowers. And what lies ahead of the flower decor in 2014. When we asked a few florists and wedding designers to share their thoughts and opinions on the upcoming flowers themes and trends this is what they said.

  • Statement Enterprises: Brides these days are getting more and more adventurous when it comes to their wedding days flowers and decorations, creating a wow factor that is really important for the couples now. They would want their guest to be amazed from the moment they step into the wedding hall or venue. And with the largest statement table center piece trees that could at least reach 9ft creating a dazzling effect.

  • Lighten Up: Keep in mind that the lightning would be used to make the flowers look special in the night. Technology has started playing a great role when it comes to flowers and decor. These days the decorators have been asked to add a special lightning to the floral displays and could be remotely controlled creating great effects for when the lights go down and the dancing begins.

  • English country garden style: One thing to be sure about is that the brides are being more inspired about the great British country side than ever. Couples here are becoming more and more effective, creative and are stepping away from tradition and expressing their personalities. Now there grows a demand for the relaxed English country style garden with the less structured feel.

  • Mix and Match: It is believed that variety is the spice of life and this is particularly true for the wedding flowers in 2014. It has been suggested different sizes of vases, and coupled together with freshly grown garden flower style flowers for an interesting and popular alternative to the more traditional vase center piece.

  • Pretty in pastel: The bridal planning a vintage theme wedding are pleased to hear the that the current vogue for the beautiful pastel bouquets with a country side feeling is now here for a new season. This season has had a great effect in the year 2013 and would continue to have a great effect in 2013.

So with all these gorgeous kind of a wedding flower trends the brides would be inspired of having such a great choice in 2014. And if you are looking for an inspiration then look out at the other sections and see what the brides have for their big day. For more information about luxury wedding venue in bangalore visit us at Templetree Leisure.Com


Men VS Women Valentine Day Surprise Proposals

With valentines day coming down closer, each and every girl is twitching around on the possibility of their love life dropping down to the knees instead of surprising her with another box of super fattening chocolates. Relationship is something that is considered to be all above the concept of love, trust, partnership, and a process of making decisions together. And when it comes to the process of decision making the big question here is men and women seem to vary a bit in what they believe to what is said to be a perfect proposal.

Being in this perfect business of romance, and known for their designer diamond engagement rings Shimansky Jewellers conducted a survey on how men and women could fundamentally differ in their views when it comes to the form that a marriage proposal should take. Using a sample of 3000 men and women in India the shimansky jewellers conducted a small survey in order to find out the similarities between men and women surprise proposals and the survey was a great experience to share their fabulous findings with the SA wedding readers.

Valentine day Proposal Through out the survey these jewellers found that both men and women have agreed to the fact that the marriage proposal needs to be romantic rather than the joint decision. Interestingly it is believed that it is the men who lead the charge in sentiment. So does that say that men are more romantic than men. Have a look and see what the below results have to say.

  • Choosing an engagement ring: This is said to be the most romantic moment but then how sure are women that men would pick the right ring for them. Not sure it turn out. Majority of women feel that it is equally likely that their partners would get is just right or that they totally miss the mark. Men during such cases are confident enough that they are aware of the taste of jewellery that the ladies would like, but the result shows that they would not be able to choose the perfect swoon wedding.

  • Planning the perfect proposal: When it comes to the concept of marriages it is believed that men take their wedding proposals quite seriously, where 37% of the men would start shopping for their ring and begin planning their wedding three to six months in advance. Where as 22% of them would start planning a few weeks before their time.

  • The style of the ring: Ok in order to give men a clear idea of what their partner is exactly looking out for Shimansky jewellers were more interested in finding out what kind of ring would the women prefer during the time of their engagement. Surprisingly 40% of the women like something different and unique where as 33% would like something modern and stylish and only 27% would prefer something classic and elegant.

To conclude when it comes to the time of getting engaged both men and women have extensive ideas of where and how the engagement and wedding should happen. The survey has helped us to understand our customers needs and requirements when it comes to the proposals. This would allow us to offer the best guidance that has to be taken during the time of the engagement. For more information visit us at