Tips To Remember While Choosing A Wedding Menu

When it comes to the Indian weddings in Bangalore expect and see the embodiment of a country heritage and culture in the menu of wedding reception. Indian weddings are known to be famous for their extravagant and have always been highlighted with the exquisite of the Indian Cuisine. Given below are some of the major techniques and major ideas while choosing a menu for the Indian wedding reception.

The first thing that you need to consider while choosing the menu is to consider the preferences of both the sides of the family. It is always good when the discussion is made with the groom and the bridal family in order to know if there is any specific dish that they want to focus on or something that they want to avoid in main menu. When it comes to the Indian Wedding venue each and every dish that is prepared on this specific day is considered to be unique enough and is essential that each and every item that is stated in the wedding menu is clear enough and there is no confusion.

Wedding Menu

While choosing a wedding menu for an Indian wedding reception one of the most important thing that has to be considered here is whether to offer a vegetarian food or a non vegetarian food. Incase you are serving entirely vegetarian food you need to make sure that you have selected a specific chef who specializes in the dishes ensuring quality of tastes and presentation. Second thing that has to be considered here is the budget while choosing a wedding venue and can make or break a quality of feast.

It is a well know fact that Indian weddings are quite large and lavish enough being attended by hundreds and thousands of people. It is in this regard that there has always been a buffer of at least 25 people so that there is enough food to go around and avoid embarrassments on the part of the hosts. And while choosing starters you need to ensure and make sure that each and every item is appreciated by the members present there. Some of them that you could include are the Khandvi, the spring rolls, samosas, chats and many more. For the ones who are health conscious and are in a mood of loosing their weight you could serve them with some salad, green leafy vegetables,and freshly cut to bit sized pieces.

The success and failure of the Indian weddings depends on the food that is being served for the main course. The dishes would determine how the guest would remember and appreciate your event and efforts. The main course should at least include five kinds of veggies, an assortment of breads, fragrantly cooked rice, two three kinds of dals, and chicken dishes. Also make sure that there is nan and chapati served together in the main dish. For deserts there is no rules and regulations that you need to follow. Serve ice creams with a lot of traditional food items so that each and everyone can soothe their tastes buds after having some spicy and good food.

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Techniques for Choosing one of the best Party Halls in Bangalore

With regards to the party halls in Bangalore there a quite few places that you could actually choose from. The issues that most of the couples face while looking for a party halls in Bangalore is when they understand where to begin their search as there are hundreds and thousands of websites offering these services. Templetree Leisure can help you choose the best party halls in Bangalore accommodating your guests. Given below are some of the important tips that would help you choose the best party halls in Bangalore.

Capacity: Indian weddings are known for the big and extravagant occasions with at least 200 guests in attendance. Choosing a party hall in Bangalore would help you check and see if they can seat each and every one accordingly or not. Indian weddings are full filled with ceremonies so make sure that is enough space for the guests to view and enjoy each and every proceedings as they unfold.


Different types of food allowed: The party halls in Bangalore are usually having their own catering services just to attend the food requirements of the event. Many Indian weddings especially in the south India offer a strict vegetarian cuisine. And if this is the case and prefer to have a mixed food made available for the party make sure that you co-ordinate before hand with all the party halls in Bangalore and see if they actually allow with your interests or not.


Accessibility: While looking out for party halls in Bangalore accessibility plays a very important role in terms of how many guests would actually be able to attend the event. And if the party hall that you have chosen is at the edge of the town then make sure that there is enough access from the room to the event. Having a wedding planner mapping out the best route is a great challenge. So make sure that there is transportation given along with accommodation if required.


Choosing a party hall in Bangalore would not be a stressful activity, nor a tough job. Its just that you need to know how to go on with it properly. Find out more about party halls in Bangalore at Templetree Leisure.